Introducing our newest branch, Product Integrators, China. The company, Product Integrators™, is being formed as an offshore company, which will become Product Integrators, China™. The company has offices in the United States, Japan and in the New Pu-Dong area of Shanghai, the hub of commerce in China’s entertainment industry. The company is founded on an already proven business model, and will prosper from strong relationships with large US, Chinese and multi-national companies. The current pace of business in China is unprecedented and “foreign” companies are moving rapidly to grab valuable market share in their business segments. Through partner, Kerr Xu, Product Integrators™ will assist these companies in navigating the complex governmental challenges in China, and create advertising programming for its corporate clients.

Product Integrators™ is uniquely positioned in the Chinese marketplace, and is a “sister company” to two, already successful entertainment companies in China, SJS Animation and Hippo Animation. These company relationships will allow Product Integrators™ to be unequalled in its ability to produce integrated entertainment in animated form. Animated entertainment is already the most promising of all integrated entertainment in China, especially via China’s unique mobile platform, the technology of which will exceed that of the United States. The company will also integrate products into live action and filmed entertainment just as aggressively through all existing media.

Product Integrators™ will penetrate all traditional markets for product placement and exciting new markets such as video games, live sporting events (NBA, NFL, and China’s own, and very popular, CBA), music videos, and other online entertainment. Further, Product Integrators™ will create its own product embedded entertainment in-house for worldwide distribution through these various platforms, creating a valuable library of content for worldwide exploitation in the process.

Sam Baldoni, a founding partner of Product Integrators™ has enjoyed successful business relationships with thousands of corporate clients over the years and enjoys an excellent reputation in the trade. With the addition of a complement of other talented partners leading the company, Product Integrators™ will soon have high profile clients in China, such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, Microsoft, IBM, United Airlines and numerous others. Companies such as these have successfully utilized traditional product placement in the past and are already positively predisposed to utilize the company’s more focused “integration” services in the new economic frontier of China.

Product Placement to Product Integration

Product Placement was founded in the late 1970’s as a technique for advertising goods and services uniquely in the body of motion pictures and television programming. This clever advertising and promotion concept quickly grabbed the attention of corporations around the world and Product Placement soon grew into a multi-billion dollar industry. In recent years, Product Placement has evolved into what has recently been termed Product Integration, wherein the products now advertised in these media are not simply “placed” in the film or television program, but are carefully “integrated” by scripting into the actual story. The recent smash hit film Talladega Nights-The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, is an outstanding example of Product Integration. Not only is the audience bombarded with advertising messages throughout the film…they love it, and leave the movie theater wanting more! Always a forward thinker, Product Integrators™ founder Baldoni previously created a company with famed television producer, Aaron Spelling. In providing product placement services to Spelling’s slate of successful shows, Baldoni discovered that product placement must evolve to better serve the corporate sponsors who paid amply for “placement”. He aptly coined the new idea, Product Integration, and subsequently trademarked the name. Shortly thereafter, the company, Product Integrators™ was formed, with a mandate to provide a more effective advertising vehicle for its clients. An already proven multi-billion dollar industry, the business of Product Integration is literally just getting started in China, and the country offers an unprecedented opportunity for Product Integrators™ to become instant market leaders in the field. In China, more and more regulations are restricting direct advertising placed during primetime TV. Product Integrators™ offers one of the best solutions for advertising clients. Program sponsors will soon be able to integrate their advertising efforts through the process of original content creation. The partners intend to address the marketplace aggressively, thereby capturing the most valuable business channels prior to the entrance of any competitors into the market. Through the notoriety of Baldoni in the entertainment marketing industry, the company already enjoys a high profile in markets outside China.

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